Saturday, August 12, 2006

ICRC Election

Saturday morning we met in Champaign at the Red Barn Restaurant at 10:45 AM to elect officers. We had 10 Steering Committee members present in person:


By telephone




14 of 19 sufficient for a quorum

The following were elected unanimously

Craig Simmons- Chairman
Chad Koppie- Vice-Chairman
Phil Collins- Secretary
Earl Gough- Treasurer (Sykuta abstained)
Bill Leubscher- Executive Director

Chairman Simmons appointed:

Collins as Webmaster
Joe Morris as General Counsel and Parliamentarian

Zahm proposed our next meeting to be a "retreat", enabling the members of the ICRC Steering Committee to meet at length to plan out the future of the organization and build unity and shared goals/purpose. Details to come.

We enjoyed an excellent address my Congressman Burton (R-IN) and a very good buffet meal courtesy of the Illinois Forum after the ICRC meeting concluded. Then many of us, including your author, proceeded to the Sen. Chris Lauzen (R-Aurora) Porky Picnic in Aurora- another great event and superb host.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ICRC backed winners

Congrats to our ICRC backed candidates!

The following ICRC supported candidates won majorities in the March 21st Primary:


Governor -
received a combined 51% of the Republican vote


Congress -
* ENDORSED candidate RAY WARDINGLEY won a landslide 71% of the vote and was nominated as Republican candidate for District 3
* RECOMMENDED candidates ROBERT CHURCHILL, KATHY SALVI, KEN ARNOLD & JAMES MITCHELL received a combined 53% of the vote in the District 8


State Senate –
All three ICRC backed candidates were victories on election night for an complete ICRC sweep of ALL contested primaries.
* ENDORSED candidate MATT MURPHY won a landslide 60% of the vote and was nominated as Republican candidate for Distict 27
* RECOMMENDED candidate SUZANNE SIMPSON won a decisive 55% of the vote to defeat a 30+ year incumbent and be nominated as Republican candidate for District 31
* ENDORSED candidate RANDY HULTGREN received a landslide 60% of the vote and was nominated as the Republican candidate for District 48 .

State House -
* RECOMMENDED candidate RANDY RAMEY defeatead two primary opponents and was re-nominated by the Republican Party to be state reprsentative for District 55
* ENDORSED candidate MIKE FORTNER solidly won nearly 60% of the vote and was nominated to be Republican candidate for District 95

Ray Wardingley, Matt Murphy, Suzanne Simpson, Randy Hultgren, Randy Ramey, and Mike Fortner are in our thoughts and prayers as they advance to the November election and look to serve the people of Illinois.

To those that did not win, we wish them the best of luck next time, and I would ask conservatives everywhere to start thinking early about the one true conservative candidate for each race that we can support this fall.

It is true the conservative vote was often split in the primary, but in the general election, may the opposite prove true and the liberals end up hopelessly divdied when conservatives triumph. Looking ahead to November, we could have prospects such as:

Randy Shufflebeam (CONSERVATIVE)
Rod Blagojevich (LIBERAL)
Judy Baar Topinka (LIBERAL)
James Meeks (LIBERAL)
Rich Whitney (LIBERAL)

U.S. Congress, District 8
Melissa Bean (LIBERAL)
Bill Schindler (LIBERAL)

State Represenative, District 8
La Shawn Ford (LIBERAL)
Julie Samuels (LIBERAL)

Liberals splitting their votes among two or more candidates can lead to conservative victories, just as conservatives inadvertently lost to liberals by splitting up their votes. May conservatives put aside their petty differences and cruise to victory in the real contest of 2006 – the November general election.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Full candidate responses

Our full ICRC surveys survey's will be made public, but in the meantime, I am blogging the candidate summary I made for all. What follows is a brief one paragraph summary on each canddiate survey response I currently have in my collection. If you have not read the candidate survey's yet, I urge you to do so, and to look over this email.

Hopefully this will save time at our meeting. I look forward to working with you guys and hope we can make a different with the primary season drawing to a close. Time is of the esssense.

(candidate’s listed in alphabetical order)

Rob Belin
REPUBLICAN candidate for U.S. Congress, District 2
Belin seems like a nice guy and is “with us” on about 80% of the issues, but his survey (and it’s initial “revision” he sent out afterwards) show he’s too wishy-washy on some issues dear to conservatives, particularly the right-to-life issue (he told me on the phone he “read my bible and thought it over so I decided I would support you guys). On the other hand, his essay responses are very well thought out and he seems to have a better sense of what he would do in Congress than the other Republican candidate in JJJ’s district.

Joe Birkett
REPUBLICAN candidate for Lt. Governor
Birkett answers “yes” to most of our questions except conceal-carry, and try to make the case he is an “unapologetic conservative” and that we need him as the “unabashed conservative” in the race. I cannot accept this pitch in light of his running mate. For example, he cites his record fighting corruption but the person he supports for Governor wrote the book on corruption. His assessment that “Judy Baar Topinka and I have a record of running clean offices” is completely false, in my view. Also, he pledges never to march in gay parades and says he won’t let surrogates do it, but apparently doesn’t mind his running mate doing that on the campaign trail. He also might be able to claim the mantle as the one proven conservative in the race, but not with Rauschenberger and Wegman also seeking that office.

Bill Brady
REPUBLICAN candidate for Governor
Brady’s response is excellent and establishes him as a proven, committed conservative. The only weak spot is his hesitation on freezing member initiatives where he says, “it depends on what is considered “discretionary spending.” (Though I should point out his weakness on immigration and gambling were issues not covered in our survey). His essay responses are great and I strongly suggest anyone who is for Oberweis and claims Brady could be somehow be “the next George Ryan” read his answer to corruption. He makes a great pitch. I am still waiting for Oberweis response to our survey, BTW.

Jason Briscoe
REPUBLICAN candidate for State Rep, District 75
Briscoe’s answers are solid all-around. His essay responses are also insightful.

Bob Churchill
REPUBLCIAN candidate for U.S. Congress, District 8
Churchill also stakes a path as a proven, reliable conservative who is with us on every issue. His only weak spot is opposition to term limits (and not everyone on the ICRC is for term limits). His essay responses are brief and lack imagination though, like when he says he will serve on any committee he is asked since Freshmen do not get prime committee assignments.

Mark Fredickson
DEMOCRAT candidate for U.S. Congress, District 5
Fredickson is running against Rahm Emanuel and claims to be with us on every issue except abortion. He’s probably not as conservative as he claims, because he tries to weasel out of a “yes” or “no” answer on several questions (like just giving a generic “I expect the NRA will endorse me” on the gun question) but he is clearly to the right of Emanual and has about 5 times the integrity. He’s probably about the best we’re gonna get out of that socialist Chicago district.

REPUBLICAN Candidate for State Senate, District 48
Fursenaenau’s answers are all-around pretty good, though not the homerun I’m expecting for a candidate who’s running in a safe GOP district. He’s against school choice, unsure on conceal-carry, and opposes the Redfern amendment (and opposes term limits) Otherwise; he’s reliable on all other issues. His essay responses are not very revealing. I would like to see what his primary opponent has to say.

David McAloon
REPUBLICAN candidate for State Rep, District 75
McAloon’s answers are very good overall and he’s very earnest in this survey. His essay responses are nice.

Chris McNeil
REPUBLICAN candidate for State Rep, District 81
McNeil’s answers are great across-the-board and he’s 20 times better than Kosel on our values, and he pointed on in an file attachment compared his record to the incumbent. Very nice essay responses too. The choice is clear.

Jim Mitchell
REPUBLICAN candidate for Congress, District 8
Mitchell is a rock solid conservative except he fell into the trap of supporting higher taxes if it were for education. His essay responses are brief but very insightful – some issues, like returning the Panama Canal to U.S. control, would not be raised by other candidates. He claimed on the phone to be the “only” candidate to support FairTax but I basically got him to admit that the other candidates haven’t’ implicitly endorsed it but indicated they would be open to voting for such a bill. The only problem is he’s pledged to accept no donations and spend little money, which basically makes his campaign DOA in a field with many conservatives, IMO

Matt Murphy
REPUBLICAN candidate for State Senator, District 33
Matt Murphy is against conceal-carry (but otherwise pro-2nd amendment) and is totally with us on all other issues. Like the McNeil survey, this is another case where he’s clearly far superior to than the other Republican candidate for conservatives. Smart essay answers, too.

Steve Rauschenberger
REPUBLICAN candidate for Lt. Governor
Steve comes out in favor of all our issues and makes a very good pitch for our endorsement. His essay is free of references to his running mate, which is odd since they have been tied to the hip as of late (Gitdwitz, to my knowledge, has not answered our survey) I would argue his responses that he’d veto such and such legislation don’t amount to much since he can’t do anything unless the Governor croaks, but he does seem fine as a candidate on his own right (minus some “bad” votes on immigration as Brady)

Kathy Salvi
REPUBLICAN candidate for U.S. Congress, District 8
Kathy Salvi scores a perfect 100% on our survey. I also believe her essay responses were better than Churchill’s, although they were also too brief. She makes a very, very good case for us to endorse her. (Also, to my knowledge, McSweeney still hasn’t answered our survey)

Howard Schug
REPUBLICAN candidate for U.S. Congress, District 2
Schug is much more decisive in his primary opponent in fighting for conservative issues. He’s also the only elected official in the race (Lancing Library Board) That being said, while Schug is the better conservative his essay responses were really lame. Belin seemed to have a much better handle on what he would do in Congress than Schug

Rob Sherman
DEMOCRAT candidate for State Rep, District 53
Sherman is a goofy liberal and perhaps the only “liberal Democrat who’s proud of it” to answer our survey. In a very bizarre turn, he claims to support our platform but says we have the wrong idea for implementing those goals. For example, he claims to be “Pro-Family” and says repealing the “so-called defense of marriage act” and letting “consenting adults marry who they love” would be a strong pro-family initiative. I must give him bonus points for creativity in answering our survey. He makes a good case against Sidney Mathias, and actually does support us on a handful of issues, like gun rights. His primary opponent didn’t answer our survey.

Michael Shannon
REPUBLICAN candidate for U.S. Congress, District 9
I don’t believe Shannon’s answers make him acceptable to conservatives in the primary. He is WAY too mushy on our issues and his “undecided” on about 70% of our questions, though he does spend a great deal of time in our essay section laying out his “vision” We do have to take into account that this is communist Jan Scahnowsky’s district, but still. I haven’t heard from the other little known GOP candidate but I think Jeff Sykuta meet them both and said they seemed to have a “combined age and IQ of about 30”. This makes we wonder if Eckhardt is running again – he may be the only viable option for conservatives.

Ray Wardingley
REPUBLICAN candidate for U.S. Congress, District 3
Ray’s answers are typical of the ICRC, he is a solid conservative. His opponent is a lunatic white supremisist and neo-nazi sympathizer who didn’t have the guts to fill out our survey. ‘Nuff said.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bartles endorses Kathy Salvi

Bartels Endorses Salvi in Race for Congress
February 1, 2006 – Teresa Bartels announced her endorsement of Kathy Salvi in the 8th District Congressional race.
The following is a statement by Teresa Bartels:

“While I believed that I was the best candidate to defeat Melissa Bean, I know that Kathy Salvi is the only other candidate who can defeat her. Kathy’s commitment to reducing taxes and spending, to winning the war on terror and her commitment to the conservative values of Illinois families, make her an outstanding candidate - one that I am proud to endorse.

This race was never about me – I ran because I wanted the Party to have the strongest candidate to take back this seat for the Republican Party in November – and the strongest candidate for our Party is Kathy Salvi.

Chuck and I and the entire Bartels family wish Kathy and her family all of God’s blessings in the coming weeks and months. And we all look forward to working hard every day to help Kathy on to victory against Melissa Bean in November.”


Hey! My blog in over a month! (What can I say? Busy primary season) The Bartles endorsement comes as a pleasent suprise. At first glance, Bartles seemed to be the "moderate" alternative pushed by Mark "only Republicans who are far-left on abortion like me can win" Kirk, but as the campaign progressed, Bartles actually displaced quiet a conservative streak, coming out as pro-life, pro-family, for tort reform, lower taxes, anti-illegal aliens, etc, etc.,... makes me wonder if Kirk dropped her like a hot potato once he realized she wouldn't govern as a female version of him and his trianglaton to please everybody.

Bartles' votes were strictly coming from Kathy, so this endorsement reinfornces the fact she's be the best candidate, IMO, to unite the GOP and crush Bean.

Some of the ICRC support McSweeney. McSweeney's fine on the issue but do we really need another wealthy-but-never-held-public-office type as our nominee? I have no problem voting for McSweeney as a former Crane supporter, but if just 10-20% of Crane supporters throw a temper tantrum and stay home, we're look at a lifetime career for Melissa Bean. You don't "unite" Republicans by slapping Crane supporters in the face by nominating one of Phil's primary opponetns to "replace" him. (bear in mind Crane got about 70% of the GOP primary vote in his LOSING 2004 bid -- and then his RINO opponent endorsed Bean otu of spite. Please, let's not repeat the sitatuion that got us here in the first place)

Some others on the ICRC support Churchill. Let me say that Bob Churchill has been a great leader for us in the legislature and would make a great congressman. He is my second choice after Kathy. That said, I don't believe this is the time or place to elect him to Congress. Bean's biggest advantage is her media-built "nice buisness lady/soccer mommy" image to hide her wacko liberal views, and only Kathy Saliv can neutralize that. With Churchill vs. Bean, we're going to get five montehs of the media bemoaning "How DARE the mean ingorant hacket man attack a nice suburban MOM!" With Kathy on stage against Bean, it's suburban mom vs. suburban mom -- and the only issue will be how Bean is out of touch with her conservative minded constitutents. I think Churchill will have a bright future to higher office in this state, and like Peter Roskam, it's a matter of when he gets that opening.

The other candidates -- Mitchell, Lincoln, and Arnold, I really don't see having a shot and winning the primary. It will be one of the three people listed earlier. I'm in Kathy's camp, and I hope the rest of the ICRC follows suit.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

IL State & Federal candidate filing. Who's In?

List of State & Federal candidates from Illinois

We're been consentrating a lot on state senator and state rep. races of late, so I thought the Monday filing period is a good opportunity to review who's running on the state/federal level from Illinois. The liberal blogs are already heating up with comments. Here's an updated for the GOP and Dem primaries along with my take on the sitution


Bill Brady (R) - State Sen., Developer & GOP Activist
Ron Gidwitz (R) - Businessman, Philanthropist & Ex-State Board of Education Chair
Andy Martin (R) - Legal Activist & Frequent Candidate
Jim Oberweis (R) - Securities Firm Executive, Dairy Company Owner & '02/'04 US Senate Candidate
Judy Baar Topinka (R) - State Treasurer, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Ex-State GOP Chair
Andy Marin was throw off the ballot last time running for Senate. I expect something simular this time. That would leave us with two conservatives (Brady and Oberweis) and two so-called "moderates" (Topinka and Gidwitz)

Joe Birkett (R) - DuPage County State's Attorney & '02 Attorney General Nominee
Lawrence Bruckner (R) - Attorney, Motel Owner, Army Veteran & '06 State Rep. Candidate
Jeremy Cole (R)
Steve Rauschenberger (R) - State Sen., Ex-Furniture Retailer & '04 US Senate Candidate
Sandy Wegman (R) - Kane County Recorder & Ex-Gail Borden Library Trustee
Notice who's NOT on the list. Did Kathuria even bother to file? I talked to him lately and it seems like he backed out at the last second. But there are still five candiates, which begs the question, who is 'Jeremy Cole'? Perhaps he and Martin can run as a ticket.

Dan Rutherford (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Businessman

Stu Umholtz (R) - Tazewell County States' Attorney

Christine Radogno (R) - State Sen., Ex-La Grange Village Board Member & Social Worker

Carole Pankau (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Ex-DuPage County Board Member
As expected, our "down the ticket" statewide races are unopposed in the GOP primary and feature fairly standard ILGOP candidates. Some of the egomanics running for Gov/Lt. Gov SHOULD have looked into the "second tier" statewide offices. Radogno even has Topinka's "blessing" to succeed her as Treasurer. Oh well, we'll make due with what we have.

District 1:
Jason Tabour (R) - Businessman, USMC Veteran & '04 State Rep. Nominee
Jason ran against Brosnahan last time and should have doen well but got slaughtered. Why he's decided to take on Rush in a "safe" Dem district is beyond me.

District 2:
Robert Belin (R)
Howard Schug (R) - Lansing Library Trustee
No clue who either of these are, but looks like at least one is an elected official. It will be a miricle to get good numbers out of JJJ's district though.

District 3:
Arthur Jones (R) - Neo-Nazi Activist, Insurance Salesman & Frequent Candidate
Ray Wardingley (R) - Retired Entertainer, USAF Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Well we know who NOT to vote for, Jones sound like a disaster for the party. Wardingley runs decent campaigns against overwhemingly odds but is ignored by the party and mocked by the media. Notice who DIDN'T file -- what happened to Dennis Cook?

District 4:
Ann Melichar (R) - Attorney
No clue about her.

District 5:
Kevin White (R)

District 6:
Peter Roskam (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide
Roskam is officially unopposed. Let's hope the "moderates" who always lecture us about "party unity" will do so when the shoe is on the other foot.

District 7:
Charles Hutchinson (R)
Don't know who this sacifical lamb is.

District 8:
Ken Arnold (R) - Human Resources Consuting Firm Owner & GOP Activist
Teresa Bartels (R) - Businesswoman & Community Activist
Bob Churchill (R) - State Rep., Attorney & '98 Sec. of State Candidate
Aaron Lincoln (R) - Attorney & Army Veteran
David McSweeney (R) - Investment Banker & Ex-Palatine Township Trustee
James Mitchell Jr. (R)
Kathy Salvi (R) - Attorney & Wife of Ex-US Senate Candidate Al Salvi
Officially a seven way race, but the only ones who have a shot at winning the primary are probably Bartels, Churchill, McSweeney, and Salvi. All would be infinitely superior to Bean, even Bartles.

District 9:
Kurt Eckhardt (R) - Investment Banker, '04 Nominee & '03 Chicago Alderman Candidate
Simon Ribeiro (R)
Michael Shannon (R)
Looks like Kurt is gearing up again after the media crusified him last time around. Two other names have emerged.

District 10:
Mark Kirk (R)
If Mark Kirk is so proud of his "Independant, Thoughtful Leadership", why does he keep running as a REPUBLICAN and telling us what to do? Someone PLEASE run against this guy in a primary.

District 11:
Jerry Weller (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Nothing to see here.

District 12:
C'mon, nobody has the guts to take on Costello? That's a downstate seat and he's ultra-liberal, minus his "pro-life" views. Granted, it is filled with solid Dem towns, but were' talking at least a 40% GOP vote in the general.

District 13:
Judy Biggert (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Bob Hart (R) - '04 Candidate
Bob ran last time against RINO Biggert and got tossed from the ballot. He's back with a website and more prepared than his last-second entry in 2004. Let's hope he pulls it off and people can send a message to Judy.

District 14:
Denny Hastert (R)* - (Speaker's Office) - (Campaign Site)
Like someone would challenge the speaker in the primary.

District 15:
Tim Johnson (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Nothing to see here.

District 16:
Don Manzullo (R)* - (Campaign Site)
See above.

District 17:
Brian "Gilligan" Gilliland (R) - Homebuilder & NFL Player Agent
Jim Mowen (R) - Real Estate Developer
Andrea Lane Zinga (R) - Ex-TV News Anchor, Ex-Teacher & '04 Nominee
Zinga ran a high profile campaign last time but hardly did any better than the token GOP opposition in 2002. Gililand and Mowen would probably run more favorably against increasingly unlikeable Dem incumbent Lane, but lack the $$$ to make it a real race.

District 18:
Ray LaHood (R)
Nobody challenges LaThug in the primary. Of course if they did, the Peoria machine would probably see to it that they get kicked off the ballot. They don't like "elections" or "nominations" in this rigged GOP district.

District 19:
John Shimkus (R)* - (Campaign Site)
John has been a great congressman and will be an easy victor for yeras to come, surprising since he holds TWO formerly Dem districts. He SHOULD have run for statewide office.


Rod Blagojevich (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Edwin Eisendrath (D) - Ex-Chicago Alderman, Ex-Chicago Housing Authority Chair & College Official
Philip Sitkowski (D) - Labor Union Organizer
Sitkowski should have probably run against Bean. Eisendrath is the credible candidate (weird name, but hey, he's running against Blago), but I'm sure the party "leaders" will try to throw him out of the race and prevent democracy. He won't win but has the potential to force Blago to deplete his warchest.

Pat Quinn (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Surprsingly, nobody filed against Quinn, even though the Chicago bosses can't "control" him and would panic if suddenly took over in the event anything happened to Blago.

Jesse White (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Ol' Jesse is back, and probably more vunerable this time.

Lisa Madigan (D)* - (Campaign Site)
NOBODY challenge's Mike's little girl!

Alexi Giannoulias (D) - Bank Vice President
Paul Mangieri (D) - Knox County State's Attorney & '02 State Sen. Nominee
Magieri has the blessing of the Chicago Dem establishment in the hope they can the shake the "we only have Chicago candidates" image by nomatign a token downstater. Giannoulias has $$$ but would be easier to beat.

Dan Hynes (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Dan Hynes for Temporary Comptroller -- until a better statewide office comes along!


District 1:
Bobby Rush (D)*
Phillip Jackson (D) - Ex-Chicago Housing Authority CEO & Ex-Chicago Chief of Education
I remember when the media's golden boy Obama couldn't even beat Rush. Bobby Rush has done everything possibly lately to make himself look like a loser, let's home Jackson gets a sizeable chunk of the "anyone but Rush" vote.

District 2:
Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Anthony Williams (Libertarian) - Lutheran Pastor, Ex-Democrat & '04 Candidate
The Shaw brothers just don't have the clout they used to. The most oppositon JJJ will get from the left is Williams in the general election

District 3:
Dan Lipinski (D)* - (Campaign Site)
John Kelly (D) - Financial Planner
John Sullivan (D) - Assistant Cook County State's Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide
Sullivan can run a credible campaign against little Dan the annointed one. On the negative side, Dan is a political hack. On the positive side, he's far closer to us on the issues than any Dem who would topple him in the primary. In the event of the GOP takeover in a decade, the smart move would be to get Dan to switch sides.

District 4:
Luis Gutierrez (D)*
So-called "socially conservative" hispanics voted OVERWHEMINGLY for this Castro-loving far-left winger in the last Dem primary against a "moderate" hispanic challenger. Forget about anyone trying to dislodge Luis.

District 5:
Rahm Emanuel (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Mark Fredrickson (D) - Salesman & Frequent Candidate
John "Johnny Hap" Haptonstall (D) - Radio Journalist
It's nice to see the DCCC's golden boy doesn't skate anyway scot free. Neither opponent is likely to mount a credible campaign, but it does force Rahm to campaign in his own district when he wants to go out and fundraise for other Dems.

District 6:
Christine Cegelis (D) - Software Firm Account Manager, Technology Consultant & '04 Nominee
Tammy Duckworth (D) - Iraq War Disabled Veteran & Non-Profit Group Executive
Lindy Scott (D) - College Professor
The Dem establishment touted Cegelis as the next Melissa Bean, then dropped her like a hot potato when she couldn't raise any $$$ against Roskam. Duckworth doesn't even live in the district (hey, at least the Dems are consistant in who they pick to "represent" people) but she fits Emanual's "theme" of running disabled milltary vets who denounce the war in Iraq. A curse on both their houses. I say we promote Scott and make it even more confusing for the Dems in their quest to take DuPage county.

District 7:
Danny K. Davis (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Jim Ascot (D) - Realtor
Robert Dallas (D) - Political Consultant, Ex-Republican & Frequent Candidate
Dallas ran as a real George Ryan type RINO in 2002, so it's fitting he's running as a Dem. If they have debates if this primary, it will consist of "I love socialism more!" "No, I do!"

District 8:
Melissa Bean (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Surprsiingly, nobody challenged Bean the abortion queen in the primary when the Dems are fed up with her for flip-floppign and doing whatever to get votes (gee, didn't we TELL them that would happen?) Not to worry though, he LAST primary opponent from 2004 is now running as an "Independant" in the general and will be sucking liberal votes from her. Yeah, baby!

District 9:
Jan Schakowsky (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Lefists love Jan. Their dream of "diversity" is a Jan Schakowsky is every one of the state's 19 districts.

District 10:
Dan Seals (D) - Marketing Executive & Ex-Congressional Aide
Zane Smith (D) - Winnetka Park Board Member & Attorney
Never heard of either of these guys, we'll see if they can locate an issue to disagree with Mark Kirk on. The last two Dems tried running to the LEFT of RINO Kirk, which is really dumb. Run more like Lauren Beth Gash to confuse the poor votesrs of this "centrist" district.

District 11:
Jerry Costello (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Ken Wiezer (D) - Contractor & '04/'98 Candidate
Don't know about Jerry's primary candiate, but if he managed to win we'd NEED someone to run here in the general!

District 13:
Bill Reedy (D) - Businessman, Ex-Baptist Pastor & Ex-Teacher
Joseph Shannon (D)
Reedy will probably be the nominee. Will he try to get conservatives to cross for him? Candiates of the "religious left" are always interesting.

District 14:
John Laesch (D) - Navy Veteran
Ruben Zamora (D) - Teacher, Liberal Activist & '04 Nominee
Zamora ran last time and got slaughted. Laesch might do better but we're talking Hastert's district here. No Dem will turn Hastert into Jim Foley, no matter what stupid thing Denny does.

District 15:
Lane Evans (D)* - (Campaign Site)

District 15:
David Gill (D) - Physician, Democratic Activist & '04 Nominee
This race will be a repeat of 2004, with the same results. See Adlai Stevenson '56.

District 16:
Richard Auman (D) - Ex-Galena Mayor
Sounds like a good candiate on the Dem side. We should be careful, but thankfully this is a extremely conservative district.

District 17:
Lane Evans (D)* - (Campaign Site)
A few years down the line, Lane should get a primary challange once the Dems wake up and realize this guy "delivers" nothing but rhetoric to their district.

District 18:
Steve Waterworth (D) - Landscaper & National Guard Veteran & '04 Nominee
LaHood's "token" opposition is back for another beating. Note the central Illinois Dems never help this guy out. They're quite content with Obama-loving Ray LaHood.

District 19:
Vic Roberts (D) - Retired Coal Miner, LaRouche Activist & '02 Candidate
Dan Stover (D) - Centralia City Councilman & College Professor
Roberts ran last time and was mincemeat in the general. Stover would be a more mainstream, media-friendly candidate. Therefore I say, Go Roberts Go!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Luis Gutierrez looking to run Chicago?

Will Gutierrez run for mayor in '07?

The Sun-Times (Lynn Sweet in particular) is reporting that Congerssman Luis Gutierrez (D-Rigged Safe 'Hispanic' Seat) is putting out feelers to run for mayor of Chicago in 2007.

Jesse Jackson Jr. has been hyped up for a while as the guy who will topple Daley. Although I'm sure Jesse is working to force the big guy into "retirement" next time, I think Jesee will ultimately take a pass on the mayoral race (perferring to wield power behind the scenes) and instead have a surrogant like James Meeks to run in his place and address his issues. JJJ is probably looking to build up seniority in Congress and become the Illinois equivilent of John Conyers or Charlie Rangel by 2025.

What I have been arguing for a while is that Gutierrez will come out of nowhere and win a three-way race in Chicago (split along ethnic lines... Chicago Democrats are nortorious for their racial segregation in politics) with the media annointing him. I know the way the media works, and there is no better headline for them than an "upset" that would lead to "Chicago's first Hispanic mayor" I can just see them going ga-ga in the leadlines and saying how it ushers in a new era for Chicago and for the latino community, blah blah blah (the media just loves minority "firsts", see Barack Obama) Some have pointed out the hispanic vote won't have enough numbers to elect Luis by 2007, but I'm assuming he racks up about 80-90% of the vote in hispanic wards and he gets about 1/3rd of the white Dem vote if Daley retires and they end up with a weak "heir apprent" who will certainly lose to JJJ or another black candidate. The white Dems will then crossover to Gutierrez to "stop" Jesse Jackson and company.

Chicago politics. They think they're actually making a change, but I can see this stuff play out way in advance. It's all a matter of which left-wing kook is most beloved by the media.

A Gutierrez adminstration would be a disaster, BTW. But Chicago has to hit rock bottom before they start to climb back up.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Followup: An open letter to Kathy Salvi

Jim Oberweis announced at the joint ICRC-TAPROOT Christmas Party that he is recruiting Kathy Salvi as his running mate

Dear Kathy,

Hi! I am one of the conservative volunteers on your contact list and I have been looking forward to a chance to stop by the Mundelein campaign office during Christmas break when I have the chance to help your campaign.

At the recent ICRC/TAPROOT Christmas party event I attended, Jim Oberweis said he plans to run with Kathy as his candidate for Lt. Governor. I have no problems voting for Jim against Blago, but I think it would be a MISTAKE for Kathy to drop out of the Congressional race and run for Lt Governor at the last second. Keep up your current campaign! Please Kathy, we need you to crush Bean!

Pairing Kathy with Jim seems similar to the Topinka-Birkett matchup as it greatly benefits the Governor candidate but does little to help the prospective Lt. Governor candidate's career. The Salvi name is strong in the 8th district precisely because her husband Al was elected state rep. and swept all 24 townships there in his statewide campaign. The Salvi family is beloved in THAT part of the state, but a statewide campaign is much harder because Illinois as a whole is heavily controlled by Democrats right now and everyone in Chicago votes Democrat.

With the Congressional campaign, Kathy stands out as the LONE conservative woman in the race (Bartles is a woman and pro-life, but clearly the "moderate" candidate on almost every issue). With the Lt. Governor race, Kathy has to go up against people with bigger oomph than McSweeney, Bartles (famous names like Rauschenburger and Birkett).

She also would be entering a race where we ALREADY have an elected "conservative woman" who has been campaigning for the job for months (Sandy Wegman). Either Kathy and Sandy run against each other and compete for the same voter base, or Sandy (who has been campaigning hard for this race), "steps aside" for Kathy's 11th hour entry. It seems unfair to tell Sandy to "get out" after all the time and money she put into this effort leading up to filing to run. There is room for both Sandy and Kathy on the ticket -- when they run for different offices!

Oberweis has lobbied Kathy to get out of the "crowded" GOP primary in the 8th district -- but if she accepts his offer, she enters an EQUALLY "crowded" Lt. Governor primary where she would have JUST as many opponents (at last count: Birkett, Rauschenberger, Kathuria, Bruckner, AND Shearer -- and that's assuming Raymond Poe keeps good on his plan to drop out). Either way, it's a lot of people to run against in the primary!

As you can see, the Lt. Governor race would be very difficult for Kathy, but it would certainly help Oberweis win the primary. Pairing Oberweis with Wegman doesn't accomplish much because they are both from Kane county, but recruiting Kathy into the race gives Oberweis support in GOP-rich Lake Country. A win-win for Jim Oberweis, a lose-lose for Kathy Salvi.

Kathy would be a terrific Congressional candidate and a great Lt. Governor. I would be proud to vote for her for either office. But in terms of her own vitality, I urge her to pass on a last-minute switch to the Lt.Gov. race's and to instead focus on beating Melissa Bean. She'll be glad she did.

Best wishes,

Bill M. Leubscher

P.S. Remember -- Bean is a total phony and 10X worst than Lt. Governor Quinn anyway (at least he's honest about his liberalism!) Stay the course!


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